dessert-300x224Among the best restaurants in the capital ranks high, Rosewood overlooking the street Rainandriandahifotsy (Ancient Roman Rue des Fosses). His table presents Highlands for almost a month a new card that offers a variety of choices of dishes from meat, poultry and seafood.

Preferred. Right foot, favorably, Grand Chief Arison expresses his talents in the kitchen freely. Gourmet cuisine combining a refined expertise and local products to showcase the delicious dishes and tasty. Practical originality of the new card allows guests to select their flat, their trim and sauce that accompanies. But in case they do not dare to venture, they can fall back on the head where four favorite dishes from pork fish through the lamb ahead with a touch of charm, creativity and personality.

Winks. Rosewood is a warm place. A nice interior frame with a terrace with a beautiful view of downtown- city. A musical atmosphere of the soil. A friendly welcome from a caring team, smiling and professional. So after answering the little winks of the new treasure map, the conclusion of the pretty ballad gourmet can mean five dessert choices, ranging from crème brûlée roll tatin apples through the cube of chocolate, ganache Au pok-pok, flavored with kaffir lime. At Rosewood, we discover and great food.


Source newspaper Midi

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