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Located Faravohitra, a residential area of ​​the capital, The Palissandre Hotel & SPA imposes its stature dominates the lower town.

It is surrounded by many restaurants and pubs, mostly frequented by foreigners and small businesses that drive the neighborhood. The hotel is situated on a hillside which makes it pretty impressive if viewed from Ambohijatovo, neighborhood located directly at his feet.

The hotel stands out for its Palissandre furniture made entirely, a precious and luxurious wood Madagascar. It offers a friendly welcome that more and varied to even within the institution or outside activities.

Based on the establishment, it is possible to move to the major sights of the capital including the Palace of the Queen.

Located at the top of the hill, the Queen's Palace, the Malagasy call "Rovan'i Manjakamiadana" overlooks the entire city. To get there from the hotel Palissandre & SPA, it takes about 15 min by car (excluding traffic). If one wishes to go on foot, just across the street from the entrance hall and follow the ascending artery that leads to Upper Town. This leads to Andohalo, where the palace is located. It takes in 45 minute walk from the hotel to reach the palace. When you get there, enjoy it as a stopover garden Andohalo.

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