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Between high and lower town, The Palissandre Hotel & SPA is the ideal starting point for walks through the capital.

Property, you can climb up to the upper town, to Andohalo to find major attractions including the Queen's Palace or the Palace of the Prime Minister Rainilaiarivony, situé à Andafiavaratra. The area also abounds Andohalo many essential religious sites. However, this part of the city is considered a very select area where the poverty shops.
In case you want to go shopping, better then direct you to the Independence Avenue Analakely.

To do this, simply earn pavilions Analakely through the stairs at the bottom of the hotel.

Once Analakely, you will find pavilions and a multitude of small shops and boutiques. If you push your ride to market Pochart, you will have the opportunity to discover a craft market and a gemstone country.

If you are looking for places to enjoy your toddlers, Ambohijatovo the park is the best idea not to stray too far from the city center. To join, simply follow the descending artery at the hotel. The park includes many attractions that will surely enjoy their.

Otherwise, if you want to see a little more of Antananarivo, you can get to Ampandrana, then down to Besarety where there is also a large popular market. Anosy party is also a good idea to walk, but for that, you will need to either Analakey either Ambohijatovo.

These districts are all within less than 1 hour walk from Palissandre & SPA, is within 5km at most.

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