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Located on the heights of Antananarivo, Andohalo the district contains many sites, Cheap heritage of the Big Island.

This area is located, just 2km from theHotel Palissandre & SPA which is slightly below, à Faravohitra. The only difficulty we encounter is the rise of the slope that leads, as to reach the top, must take either its streets that rise to no end, is its narrow stairs several steps that will discourage fast walkers.

In all cases, Andohalo the neighborhood directly follows that of Faravohitra therefore, it only takes you through a few blocks to finally arrive in the historic district of the capital. Historical, because Andohalo does not offer a panoramic view of the city, but also houses the palace of the Queen, Covered portal Ambavahadimitafo, House of Jean Laborde, fameuse the Cathédrale of the Church of Andohalo you Amboninampamarinana, where settlers once threw Christians.

After the fire 1995, the palace of the Queen is undergoing restoration but, it is possible to visit some of its buildings. Covered portal Ambavahadimitafo, meanwhile, is one of the three entrances leading to the palace. The House of Jean Laborde more interested in its history and its remains therefore not to be missed. As for the cathedral Andohalo, it is one of the largest in Antananarivo.

If you plan to visit one by one all its sites in Andohalo, take the time to dine in one of the establishments on the upper town to enjoy a pleasant view of the rest of the capital.

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